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Press Release for Kids In Musicianland

June 21, 2020    
AUTHOR CONTACT: Karyn Rashoff     info@karynrashoff.com
AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW   949.939.2549 www.kidsinmusicianland.com

Thinking about Quitting Music?
Look at these Five Reasons to Stick with It.

IRVINE, CA – Kids in Musicianland: Five Reasons to Stick With It, Second Edition, illustrates vital reasons for young people to continue with music despite being distracted and pulled in many different directions. The reader audience is both teens and their parents, as the 28 short stories are entertaining and personal.

Unlike other books for young people about music, Kids in Musicianland is a quick and easy read that need not be read cover to cover but used for inspiration and tips.

Interviews with radio announcers, professors, and professional and amateur performers demonstrate the lifelong enjoyment of keeping music in their lives. These 28 personal and unique accounts encourage teens to not give up on music but to continue playing or singing throughout high school, college and their adult lives.

The path to becoming a professional musician is not the objective of Kids in Musicianland, but rather it is the inspiration to continue to play music “for fun” and the social experiences and many other benefits and pleasures of being a musician:

Reason 1 You Meet a Lot of People
Reason 2 You’re Part of a Team
Reason 3 You’re Part of History
Reason 4 You Get to Travel
Reason 5 You Balance Your Life with Music

From the book …. “Music is forgiving and kind. People aren’t born knowing how to play the cello or the violin or the flute. They have to learn how to play it … from the very beginning of learning how to simply hold it in their hands. The musician is the magic that gives an instrument life. Be that magic.”


Kids in Musicianland: Five Reasons to Stick with It, Second Edition
$12.95   ISBN: 978-09897606-5-2   151-page paperback   published by BarkingDogBooks
Available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle editions