How to Keep Music In Your Life

 TIP SHEET #1:  How to Keep Music In Your Life

  1. Schedule time playing music with friends.
  • Put it in your calendar as something you are committed to do
  • Play by yourself to get ready for the group and having fun
  • Music becomes more “real” when you share it with others
  • It’s ok to talk to your non-musician friends about your music and show them what you can do!
  1. Money is not a barrier to music.
  • Public schools
  • Community and county recreation programs
  • Youth orchestras have more challenging orchestral literature (they have fees but offer scholarships)
  • Churches and temples sponsor free choirs and performing groups.
  1. Listen to music on the radio and online with YouTube.
  • Classical radio announcers often put the music they are playing in the social context of the time, along with interesting facts about the composers
  • Learn new music by watching videos, reading tablature or “regular” music
  • Turn it up loudly so you can hear the subtleties!
  1. Make friends with trusted and trustworthy adults who play or sing.
  • They can refer and connect you to other people and methods and modes to learn
  • They may know someone who has an un-played and lonely instrument in his or her garage or attic that you can borrow
  • Make phone calls or send emails to those people: follow up!

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