Friends Are Made By Music

TIP SHEET #4: Friends Are Made By Music

  1. At a new school? Join the band, orchestra, or choir to meet new people.
  • Start your home in the music room at school
  • A safe place to be where you feel less alone
  • Make your first new friends in an easy and fun way
  • Learn to read and become sensitive to “body language” and eye contact
  • You get to be loud instead of always being shushed up by teachers.
  1. You are part of a team that creates something together.
  • Work, learn, and play with friends
  • Get feedback from others and learn it’s not personal
  • Your contribution has value even if you don’t have the biggest part
  • Your self-confidence soars when you step out of your comfort zone, make mistakes, then learn from them in rehearsal
  • Travel with friends to far-away and local places.
  1. Form a “Music Team” to surround yourself.
  • Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins support and encourage you
  • Fellow musicians in school and in your neighborhood
  • Adults at church, temple and school
  • Neighbors might have unused instruments in their closets to loan to you.
  1. You learn determination and focus that carries on to “real life”.
  • Learning new music teaches you to solve problems, learn new skills, concentrate and “think out of the box”
  • Your dedication leads to your feelings of accomplishment
  • Practicing in a group teaches that your actions affect other people
  • Being on time for rehearsals and performances teaches respect and dedication.

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