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Karyn Rashaff, Author Kids In MusicianlandAs a high school counselor for thirty-three years, Karyn Rashoff has spoken with thousands of parents and teens about school success, college, life, and motivation. Seeing misunderstandings and family conflict over music, she was moved to write to teens to share stories about musicians and the lifelong joy music brings.

Rashoff took classical piano lessons for eight years but abruptly stopped when she entered high school and became entranced with other things. Music took a back seat as she carefully put away her sheet music, never once thinking of throwing or giving it away.

She has now re-entered music after twenty years, singing in two community Master Chorales and her church choir, discovering the gifts of delight and valued friendships from music and musicians. The rewards are enormous.

Her first book, Parents in Highschooland: Helping Students Succeed in the Critical Years, was published in 2013 and has received rave reader reviews.

Kids in Musicianland by Karyn Rashoff

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Purchase Karyn’s first book, the raved-about “Parents in Highschooland: Helping Students Succeed in the Critical Years.”

Paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon.

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