Do You Feel Called Toward the Arts?

Called Toward the Arts

TIP SHEET #2: Do You Feel Called Toward the Arts?

  1. Do you feel a connection to music where you can’t imagine being without it?
  • There is nothing else you can imagine doing: no alternative
  • You can express feelings in music you might not be able to express verbally
  • It is a quiet friend who listens and speaks.
  1. Do you thrive on challenges like…
  • … Learning a difficult piece and playing it well, solo or with your group?
  • … Discovering something new all the time in the art form and in yourself?
  • … Being really nervous but pushing through it?
  1. Do you have a never-ending source of inspiration?
  • No matter how many times you think about it or study a piece, you discover something new
  • One piece of music leads to another and another
  • Your appetite for learning and for music is voracious.
  1. Are you compelled and completely self-motivated to practice, play, or sing?
  • Your parents don’t have to nag you to practice
  • You get internal, quiet satisfaction from improving
  • Time flies when you play and you lose track of your worries.
  1. Do you retreat to music when life is complicated and difficult?
  • It makes you calm and peaceful and is your place of solace it has a physiological effect on your body and mind.

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