When music is your friend, it never leaves you. It becomes a part of you like a companion who sticks by your side and listens to you when you are sad. It never judges you but allows you to create and be free to be yourself. When you play or sing in a group – an orchestra, jazz band or choir – you share it with each other so the music becomes a binding force among you all. Music is forgiving and kind.

When you think of it, it really is a miracle that a human being can coax beautiful music out of an inanimate object made of wood or metal. But is an instrument really inanimate or lifeless? I think every instrument has a soul within it – the potential to rise above itself as wood or metal – to take life and sing. The musician is the magic that gives an instrument life. Be that magic.

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Kids in Musicianland by Karyn Rashoff describes important reasons for young people to continue with music despite being distracted and pulled in different directions – as the author herself had been!

Both teens and their parents will find the stories from the book entertaining and personal. You can read several chapters on the Stories From the Book page. Unlike other books for young people about music, Kids in Musicianland is a quick and easy read that need not be studied cover to cover but can be used for inspiration and tips.

“In my search of recently published books, I found many on the topics of learning an instrument, philosophy in music education, analysis of Bach Cantatas, electronic and computer music, music theory, biographies of composers and musicians, and the business of music. I found no books engaging teens and young adults on the simple joys of music. I was therefore compelled to write this book to seek out that audience of middle and high school students who are thinking about quitting music.” – Karyn Rashoff


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Interviews with adults – radio announcers, professors, professional and amateur performers – illustrate the lifelong joys of keeping music in their lives. These 28 personal and unique stories encourage teens and ‘tweens to not give up on music but to continue playing or singing throughout high school, college and their adult lives.

reasons for young people to continue with music

The path to becoming a professional musician is not the thrust of this book, but rather the inspiration of continuing playing music “for fun” and the social experiences and other benefits of being a musician. Thinking about quitting music? Look at these 5 reasons to stick with it:

Reason 1   You Meet a Lot of People
Reason 2   You’re Part of a Team
Reason 3   You’re Part of History
Reason 4   You Get to Travel
Reason 5   You Balance Your Life with Music

reasons for young people to continue with music

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